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Planned puppies

We are planning working line Groenendaels, the first time in CZ black puppies with majority of workingline

still waiting for Wania's heat... she can start any day


Giro z Kovárny
Wania Black z Kovárny
  GIRO z Kovárny (tervueren)
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg.
prepared for the competitive career
very social dog, with great working abilities and will to please, very uncompromising defence
 WANIA BLACK z Kovárny(groenendael)
HD A, ED 0/0, eyes OK
very social female, stable, with great working abilities, lives as a family dog, littermates IPO3 and several times participants of World Championship FMBB in Agility

Wania is seven years old daughter of french Ring Champion s.r.ut. Rex du Champ Boulet. All littermates (also from previous litter) are healthy, all are xrayed with HD A and those, who are used for work have great results. Wania is only family dog, but she has wonderful character. Thank to her owner, I can use her for this litter!

The litter, where Giro born, is also very succesfull in work, all littermates are x-rayed with HD A, certified as a stud dogs and all are preparing for competitive career in IPO.

Wania is expected to be homozygous black, so all puppies will be only black. We expect puppies very much suitable for sport and work - IPO, Ring, Agility, Obedience... grandmother is active herding dog, so maybe for herding too? As a first we strive for balanced dogs who have excellent working abilities and strong nerves, but are also able to live in families. Both parents are living in family, like childrens and are very tolerant to other animals. As to exterier, we strive for good average with functional body and still typical expression, but this litter will not be for those, who likes to get some show titles.

Pedigree is full of the top working dogs, you can find there Groenendaels, Tervuerens as well as Malinoises. Both grandsires have highest working exams and participated with successes on top competitions, one in IPO, other in french Ring. You can see many working champions and participants of top competitions also in next generations.

Reservations now.

Groenendael, maybe also Tervueren puppies (possible grey too)

mating - can start her heat any day

Noble Black Archi z Kovárny
Hannah Black z Kovárny
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, eyes OK

Int.Ch. HANNAH BLACK z Kovárny
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg., PL 0/0, DOV prostý

For the first litter of Hannah I chosed Archi I bred 9 yrs ago. Hannah is at the moment the brood Groenendael with most working achievements in our country. Till her  4 yrs of age, she did 16 working exams from different disciplines - from Obedience, Herding to highest FPr3 tracking and ZPS1 very difficult tracking specialty... and she is not at the end yet ;-)  She also did many competitions with nice results, mostly among winners. She has nice working ability, with really big talent for tracking work - I am not surprised by it, because her half-brother from same mother, Xpert Zealous z Kovárny, has working selection, 25 working titles and CACT from tracking (as only longhaired BSD in our country).  I wish Hannah to be more open with strangers and this is why I chosed Archi, the most open dog I know :D And his littermates are same, with good working drive and excellent bite works.  Littermates of Hannah and Archi have working exams from herding and versatility/defence.

Both parents have dark eyes, small ears, lot of coat, nice looks, so I believe puppies will be suitable for shows too. Archi is proven heterozygote for black colour, he is giving also Tervuerens of fauve and grey colour. Hannah is expected to be heterozygote too. From both lines can come big masks. In the best case, we will have three colours in the litter ;-)

Hannah is co-owned, trained and spoiled by Dáša Burešová, but will have puppies in our home.



More information upon request.

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Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois