Current puppies

Groenendael, maybe also Tervueren puppies (possible grey too)

mating - 16.+17.01.2018, pregnancy confirmed

puppies will be raise in our home


Noble Black Archi z Kovárny
Hannah Black z Kovárny
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, eyes OK

Int.Ch. HANNAH BLACK z Kovárny 
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg., PL 0/0, DOV prostý
FH2, FPr3, ZPS1, FH1, ZM, ZPU1, ZZO1, ZZO, OB-Z, OB1, HWT Ts., IHT1, ZVOP, ZOP, BH

For the first litter of Hannah I chosed Archi I bred 9 yrs ago. Hannah is at the moment the brood Groenendael with most working achievements in our country. Till her  4 yrs of age, she did 17 working exams from different disciplines - from Obedience, Herding to highest FH2, FPr3 tracking and ZPS1 very difficult tracking specialty... and she is not at the end yet ;-)  She also did many competitions with nice results, mostly among winners. She has nice working ability, with really big talent for tracking work - I am not surprised by it, because her half-brother from same mother, Xpert Zealous z Kovárny, has working selection, 25 working titles and CACT from tracking (as only longhaired BSD in our country).  I wish Hannah to be more open with strangers and this is why I chosed Archi, the most open dog I know :D And his littermates are same, with good working drive and excellent bite works.  Littermates of Hannah and Archi have working exams from herding and versatility/defence.

Both parents have dark eyes, small ears, lot of coat, nice looks, so I believe puppies will be suitable for shows too. Archi is proven heterozygote for black colour, he is giving also Tervuerens of fauve and grey colour. Hannah is expected to be heterozygote too. From both lines can come big masks. In the best case, we will have three colours in the litter ;-)

Hannah is co-owned, trained and spoiled by Dáša Burešová, but will have puppies in our home.



Tervueren puppies, mating 08.02.2018

puppies will be raised in family of Andrea Pavlíčková

mating in Netherland


Patriot Vitris Bohemia
Little Unai z Kovárny
PATRIOT Vitris Bohemia
HD A, ED 0/0, OCD neg., CEQ/CES neg.
Character test NL "Met Lof" - best score
BOS, CACIB, CAC, res.CAC (in NL)
Agility 2

s.Int.Ch. LITTLE UNAI z Kovárny
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg., eyes OK
PT96, CSAU Exc., TAN Exc.
InterChampion CIB a CIE, Champion CZ+SK+PL, Grand Champion CZ+SK, Club Champion CZ+SK, Junior Champion CZ+SK, Selected in CZ


Chilli (Little Unai) is four year old female and so we are planning first mating. She is smaller female with harmonious body and nice head, but as a first she is female with superb temperament, very open and friendly, with great will to work, very stable with noises or surroundings. Chilli is out of Denver des Pistes Noires, dog from the french breeder, who allways did what he feels as a best, no matter where the actual trends are, so he kept on his own line, which is different from what is currently in Europe and breed for combination of good look and nice character. And so Chilli has potential of relatively new blood, which is not easy to get nowadays. Morris (Patriot) is medium sized dog of very good bones, a little bit longer in loin, very nice male's head with excellent ears and expression and deep red colour. His biggest quality is his strong, stable character with clean head. He is friendly, happy, open boy with strong will to please and will to work. He is working in Agility, but tryed also defence weekend and did well there too. Morris is son of our Elyos (1/4 working blood - old "du Musher" lines) and female born out of Malinoises.

We expect puppies with enough nice exterier and mainly with superb character to live and work with! Puppies will have over 50% of blood which is not common in nowadays Tervuerens.

Reservations now.


If You are interesting, please do not hesitate to contact us on phone 00420 608 870 565
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