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Current puppies

Tervueren puppies - litter U

mating 07.02.2017, DOB 11.04.2017, born 3 boys + 1 girl

inbreeding coefficient 0% (5 generation)

Yamaha lives with Soňa Kadulová, but she has her puppies at our home.

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Last superb boy available - UPGRADE z Kovárny (violet collar)! Fantastic character for work, very friendly and open, beautiful focus on the handler, loves to eat, super biter!  Secure in strange places and enviroments. Also looks pretty good for half working line, has full mask and deep red colour. We are looking only for ACTIVE homes with interest in sports and work, we prefer experiented owner

Giro z Kovárny

Yamaha Venus z Kovárny
GIRO z Kovárny (tervueren)
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg., SDCA1 N/N, DNA vp
IPO2, BH, PT97/A/O1P,1P
prepared for the competitive career
very social dog, with great working abilities and will to please, very uncompromising defence
Ch. YAMAHA VENUS z Kovárny
HD A, ED 0/0, eyes OK (last 2/2017), SDCA1 N/N, DNA vp
ZZO, ZZO1, BH, ZOP, Canistherapy dog

This is second and last litter of our Yamaha. Yamaha is smaller female of excellent bones, classic head and body, full mask, dark eyes, dmall ears, excellent pigmentation and deep colour. She is just fantastic dog in character, very balanced, open and friendly female, with great will to work and prey-drive. Although she was not much shown or trained, she got Championship title and was res.CAC on the club show judged by foreign specialists, she also did several examinations and did well on several competitions.

In her first litter, there are two dogs used for work - Ours is superb in agility, unfortunately due to health problems of his owner is now out of competitive career ((video 1, video 2, video 3video 4). Ona is doing both, Agility where she got Agility Novice and Standard Novice title and shows, where she got Championship of Canada.

Yamaha is coming from very good litter both in looks and in characters. All dogs from that litter who were shown or trained got top successes - sister Yassi has show and working selection, is InterChampion, multiple Champion, Club Junior Winner or Best female of the club show. Additionally, she has Agility 2 and top IHT3 herding exams and as one from only two BSD in our country also CACT from herding (another CACT goes to Decent Demon z Kovárny, her half-brother by mother). Brother Yethro is champion, BOB on FMBB World show for BSD, has Agility 3 exam, several times participated on FMBB World Championship in Agility and other top competiitons (European open, etc). Other sister Yassi is Junior Champion and has Agility 3, participated in FMBB World Championship and qualified for European Open and won Czech Championship in Agility for BSD include CACAg title.

Giro is male from working line. All his littermates have HD A and are succesfull in work. Giro - Gigi - is workingline, but unlike from many other working line dogs he is still very good in look. Medium size, very short construction, desired shape of chest, good angulation, still typical BSD expression in head. He is social, with extremely will to work and will to please, great prey-drive and mentally tough. After many family changes in his co-owner & holder he had to change his home last Autumn. He is now back in training and I believe we will see him soon on working examination and competitions. Gigi is dog you have to love!

Although I planned to choose some exterier or half-exterier line for Yamaha, I decided for Gigi, because of continuous scrolling of Wania's mating. Puppies will not be probably suitable for top shows (but I believe they will have typical breed look), but I believe they will be just super for sport and work! From IPO,  Obedience, Rescue, Tracking, till Agility (although Gigi is working line, he is not heavy or too big and is very nimble and maneurevable and quick dog). I hope for the good and strong health as well. Both parents are SDCA1 N/N (clear), so puppies will be clear by parentage and cannot shown or carry SDCA1 ataxia.

If You are interesting, please do not hesitate to contact us on phone 00420 608 870 565
or email

Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois