Shows - Whoopi

Shows - Whoopi

Shows of Whoopi Black z Kovárny ...

Details of show results:

date type, place
class result judge
10.12.2005 Hund 2005, SWE Open Excellent Jespers Andersson, SWE
14.08.2005 National, Norrköping, SWE Jun. Excellent 2nd, HP Blid v.Schedon, B
13.08.2005 National, Nyköping, SWE Jun. Excellent 1st Moa Persson
12.06.2005 National, Piikkiö, SF Jun. Excellent 1st, res.CAC Janusz Opara, PL

Glossary (classes)
Baby - Baby class
Puppy - Puppy class
Jun. - Junior class
Int. - Intermediate (Youth) class
Open - Open class
Work. - Working class
Win. - Winners class
Champ. - Champion class
Vet. - Veteran class
Hon. - Honorary class



Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois